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Stitch and Bitch

Good morning, everyone.

With the weather as lovely as it is, it is a shame that I am stuck inside a room with all the blinds pulled and power point slides about the upstream discharge of a river channel. Seriously. But I really am glad it has cooled down a bit after the unseasonably warm weather last week (80 degrees!) and while I am wearing a hoodie (which, yes, I know, is the college uniform), I am still rocking out the flip-flops.

On to other things…I started a scarf maybe two weeks ago and it was actually going okay. Not great, but it is the first thing I’ve ever knitted. Well, actually, it is the second. But the first was such a travesty that I have blacked out that memory. So the second, which I am now calling the first, needs to be picked up again. Here is what it looks like so far:

Knitting Beginning

See? It isn’t so bad. Just really, really short. Not much of a scarf yet, is it. Which is bad on one hand as it is April. On the other hand, this gives me months to finish! I need encouragement.


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