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I’ve always liked the Fall more than any other season and with it comes pumpkins. If it has pumpkins in it, I’ll eat it. Excluding until very recently, pumpkin pie for reasons I still do not entirely understand. So, in this vein, I happened upon a recipe for pumpkin scones (and who doesn’t like a good scone?) from one of my favorite cooking blogs (yes, I read cooking blogs) http://www.PinchMySalt.com. Seriously, go there. It is amazing and every dish looks incredible.

Pumpkin Scones

I’ve made these particular scones before but I haven’t made them in a long time so I thought I’d try my hand at them again. I still need to tweak them a bit because I like them a little wetter than the recipe calls for and a bit spicier too.

While they are not perfect, here are the results of my cooking adventure.



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I’ve been thinking a lot about the Storm (Hurricane Katrina to those of you not residing in Mississippi or Louisiana). It seems that my life is coinciding in such a way that it is begging me, imploring me, to be inspired at least in some way by it.

I recently was given a signed first edition copy of Dave Eggers new book Zeitoun which happens to be about, what else, Hurricane Katrina. It is a non-fiction novel about a man who survived the storm in New Orleans and his heartbreaking, terrifying story. If you are interested, please check it out at http://tinyurl.com/Zeitoun.

In absolutely no conjunction with that, I was watching an amazing short film entitled Glory at Sea, very loosely based on Katrina (and by that I mean reality). The soundtrack is stunning and I’d suggest it to anyone who enjoys moving instrumental music. Obama even used it in one of his videos.

 But the movie itself, a mere 26 minutes long, was really touching. Just watch.

 So after all this fun, I decided to write…something. Nothing great and all within a short amount of time.


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Poetry and Paintings

I’ve finally decided to post two of my favorite poems from my creative writing portfolio. Neither of these were the won an award (I might post one later), but they are my favorite and the two that mean the most to me. I’ve been meaning to post them for a while, but my follow-through has never been the best so…better late than never.

 Both of these poems are explorations in characters, in writing outside of myself. They are both free verse.

The first of the two was based, as you might be able to tell, on the Brueghel painting, “Hunters in the Snow.”


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